Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Water Wheel Crochet Motif

This is not my design. It was the motif of my pink table cloth which I bought in an exhibition a few years ago when I was not yet so much into crocheting. I have searched for the designer online  but I can't find it. If you happen to know please write me a note so I can properly credit her/him. Thank you. One day I wish to make a mandala out of this using thick yarn such as the one made by

Make a magic ring by wrapping the yarn 10 times on your little finger. Insert hook into the the ring,  yarn over, pull through yarn and make 1 ch.

16 sc into ring, join with sl st.

Make 4 ch (counted as 1 dc and 1 ch).

(1 dc, 1 ch) 16 times.

Join with sl st.

Make 3 ch (counted as 1 dc).

3 dc in same st,  sc in next dc, (3 ch, 3 dc in same st, sc in next dc; rep around.

Join with sl st to first sl st.

2 ch, sc into the 3 ch sp...

(2 ch, sc into the 3 ch sp); rep around...

 Join with sl st.

4 ch (counted as 1 dc and 1 ch), (skip next st, 1 ch, dc in next st); rep around.

Join with sl st to 3rd of 4 ch.

Sc in next 1 ch sp.

[(3 ch, sc in same sp) 3 times, sc in next ch sp]; rep around. (3 picots, sc in next ch sp)

Here is how the finished motif looks like. Pardon the uneven color of my scrap yarn. 

My pink table cloth with same motif. Ignore the mochi, but if you drool then maybe you will have to make some. Recipe here in this blog.