Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lotus Crochet Flower Photo Tutorial

Salam 'alaikum, peace be upon you... How are you all?  It is now finally the rainy seasons here back home in Indonesia after nearly a year of hot seasons.  Thank God for the rain and the cooler weather.

Alhamdulilalah. Rain brings so many good thing in life. One of them is the lotus in our small pot in our yard are blooming. When the first time I saw the bulbs I had no clue what will be the colors which has been planted before we arrive in the house. It was just one of the most beautiful flowers have ever seen...

Lotus flower blooms only for a few days so I had to capture the images as soon as possible before it disappears. Below I have tried to create a crochet brooch from the image, it is far from the original look but I am happy with my new brooch...  Photo tutorial below if you wish to make one too.

Yarns: Small amount of Cashmillon Soft Acrylic Sport size in 5 soft colors. Total weight of the finish brooch is 38 grams only.
Hook: 2.5 mm
Yarn needle
Glue gun and a glue stick (optional)
A piece of craft wire


CH = chain (rantai)
SC = single crochet (tusuk tunggal)
DC: double crochet (tusuk ganda)
SCBL = single crochet backloop (tusuk tunggal dari belakang)
TR = Treble Crochet (yo twice, insert hook into the next st, yo, pull 2, yo, pull 2, yo, pull last 2 loops) (tusuk tr)
BPSC = front post single crochet (insert hook into the space between two sc from the back of the st, yo, pull 2 loops). (tusuk tunggal pada sela rajutan dari belakang)

Ch 3

R1: 6 sc into the first ch, join with a sl st to form a ring, ch 1. (6 sc)

R2: 2 sc into each st around. Join with a sl st, ch 1. (12 sc)

(Sc into next st, tr into next st); rep around, join with a sl st to first the ch-1. 
(2 sc, sc) around, join with a sl st, cut off green. Flip your work upside down. (18 sc)

R3: Attached yellow into the last round, (bpsc into next st, ch 10. Sl st into the 2nd ch from hook, 8 sc along the ch); rep around, join with a sl st to the first bpsc.

Cut off yarn... (18 inner petals)

R4: Make a slip knot, *blsc into each of next 3 st, turn, (sc into next 3 st, turn); rep till 9 rows of 3 sc. 

Sc3tog, ch 1, turn your work sideways, sc into next st and all the 8 remaining st along the petal**.  Rep from * to ** around, join with a sl st to the first blsc. (6 petals)

Sc along the edges of all the 6 petals, join with a sl st to the first sc. (6 petals)

NOTE: I made mistake on the number of sc in mine so I had 7 instead of 6. Do not repeat my mistake. I was too lazy to frog my works LOL.

R5: Pick up light pink. Bpsc into the center back of the previous petal...

 (ch 3, bpsc into the back center of next petal); rep around.  (6 ch-3 sp)

*4 sc into next ch-03 sp, turn, (sc into each of next 4 st, turn); rep till 9 rows of 4 sc. 

Sc4tog, ch 1, turn your work sideways, sc into next st and all the 8 remaining st along the petal**.  Rep from * to ** around, join with a sl st to the first sc. (6 petals)
NOTE: mine is 7 because of the previous mistakes I made.

Cut off yarns...

R6: Repeat R5 for the last layer of petal using the darker pink.

Here is how mine look like when completed and all ends had been sewn in.  

The backing for the brooch
Alternatively you can use a piece of felted fabric, sew the pin and glue the fabric onto the back of the flower. Below are the instructions for a crocheted backing.

R1: Using green, ch 3, 6 sc into the first ch, join with a sl st, ch 1. (6 sc)

 R2: Pick up a craft wire, hide the wire while crocheting  by holding it close to the edge of the working st.
2 sc into each of the next st around. (12 sc)

R3: ch 2, dc into same ch2 sp, dc into next st, (2 dc into next st, dc into next st); rep around, turn.(18 dc)  
 R4: (2 sc into next st, sc into each of next 2 st); rep around, turn. (24 sc), turn.

R5 to R 8: Continue in this manner by adding 6 st in every round to create a flat surface, turn the work at the end of a row/round. 

Last round: sc around, join with a sl st to the first sc. Prepare a safety pin. Slide in the pin carefully in between the double crochet sts. Sew the pin to the fabric to secure.

Turn your work. Using a small amount of toy filling or left over yarns, fill up the space at the back of the flower for a fuller body.

Sew or glue the backing with the glue stick to the back of the flower to finish.

Imagine the possibilities
I was thinking of a big flower backpack...
Enjoy your creativity.

NOTE: All of my photographs have hidden copyright info on its meta data. Please do not reupload my files by any means to another blog or website. You can share the link instead. You can make items with my patterns for yourself or as gifts. Please contact me if you need the photos on my blog to be used in commercial publications.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Field of Strawberries

Salam 'alaikum, may peace be upon you who read this post. Hello all, long time no see. The last two months  we have been busy moving back home from Africa to Indonesia, packing, and unpacking, traveling and of course crocheting hehe. My youngest graduated from high school 3 months ago and as I am writing this he is packing getting ready for a collage. He, unlike my oldest son who choose to study art and industrial design, he love economics. So, before we travel again next Monday, let me just post these photographs first.

I am very proud of the works of all friends whose photos I publish  in here. Congratulations to you all, these are truly a field of strawberries to me. The bags were made based on the pattern booklet I made and published in Bahasa Indonesia. If you are interested to make one, you can follow this link for the English version of the pattern.

Hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as we enjoy making the bags. See you again soon in another project.

Anita Heru Susanto

Ika KaNika Crochet

Yus Hafni

Yuni Arti

Yulia Ughoy

Yessy Primadona

Yayu Puji Rahayu

Yayu Puji Rahayu

Ummu Dzikra Donna

Ummu Harits Yeni

Ummu Salsa Wari

Uni Mas Djanudji

Uni Mas Djanudji

Uni Mas Djanudji

Vera Yuliana

Wahidatul Orima

Ukke Wahyuni

Trisan Siska

Trisan Siska

Susi Nilawati

Srikandi Ragil Irenx (Endsng)

Srikandi Ragil Irenx (Endang)

Siti Aisyah

Sintya Nadina

Sadyarini Ciptadi

Sadyarini Ciptadi

Rona Yuliani

Ristiyanti Marwoto

Rini Handoko

Rina Afiati

Reti Susanti

Reti Susanti

Puji Rahayu Setyaningsih

Parama Diyah Ratnaningtyas

Nurdiana bintu Zainuddin

Nia Audina

Nanik Yusmiarini

Mutiara Mulya Kasih

Lestia Gusti Baros

Lis Arluner

Lola Pool

Malina Tauresia

Mila K. Rahayaan

Mimik Lestari

Laurensia Debbyana

Laurensia Debbyana


Refinda Bahar

Ika Kartika

Ika Astika

Gadis Kusuma

Henny Purnama Handayani

Ida Yuliana

Ika Kartika

Esti Purwandini

Emi Krismarini

Emi Krismarini

Efflina Annisya

Efflina Annisya

Dwi A. Pujiati

Dien Angraeni Sagita

Deya Noviarita

Dade Dede

Dade Dede





Ayu Femilia Rizki


Agrotas Rajut

Congratulations to all. Keep up the good works.