Balinese Cotton Yarns

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These yarns are among my favorite yarns to crochet with. I have crocheted many different type of yarns from different brands available in the market. I am also in fact a yarn reseller for ICE Yarns, but till now I am not able to find the comparison for the softness of this particular yarns with any type. It's just so unique. Below you will find the pictures of some of its popular colors. They colors availability might change from time to time so if you are making a particular project make sure you buy plenty.

The yarns is locally made in Indonesia and sold without label. 

I have been crocheting this yarn for the items as seen in the pictures in my blog from Strawberry crochet bag, hat, flowers and dollies. The texture is soft like bamboo and very comfortable to crochet. But unlike bamboo which is light and rather fluffy, this yarn is stiff once crocheted making it suitable for bags, purses, dollies, hats, and  decorative items. I am thinking of making a bed spread with it and cushion covers. I don't know if this yarn would be suitable for a baby blanket, but I can only tell you it is smooth, it is soft, it feels like bamboo, it feels like mercerize cotton but it is heavier than acrylic of course. I really think it could make a great baby bootie, sturdy enough but won't be slippery like acrylic. And perhaps to make some amigurumies. 

The yarn available in two sizes: Fine/Sports ( Size 2)
Content: Cotton and Polyester  
Gauge: 32 sc = 4 inches Hook Size B/2.25mm
100 gr/280yards/252 m (approximate)

 Light Worsted (Size 3).
Gauge: 16 sc = 4 inches Hook Size F/3.75mm
(after washing and blocking)
100 gr/169 yards/140 m (approximate)
Handwash, dry flat

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Anabel L."I love the texture and variation of colors.I think is wonderful...nice and soft"5 stars

Thanks to bautawitch for letting me use your photograph.

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Samples crocheted items using Balinese Cotton Yarn Size 3

 It feels so good when people appreciate what you did. Will write down the pattern and share. This is the jacket for those who have never made any jackets before.  

Moogly CAL "Anticipation" Co-designed by Margaret MacInnis and Donna Kay Lacey.
Crocheted by Iin Wibisono

Several types of yarns available in the market in IndonesiaL-R: Local  cotton made in Bali "Katun Bali Cap Bola Gadjah." The texture is soft, smooth, suitable for baby apparels. I have not seen the larger ply of this yarn other than this Fine size.
Cashmilon™ is super soft acrylic ideal for crocheter and knitwear for all gender at all ages. Cashmilon™ is trade mark of Mark & Spencer.
Balinese Cotton Yarn: Available in 8 and 10 ply, soft, smooth and shine. Easy to work with and available in many bright, radiant colors.
Cotton: The original and among the first locally made cotton. The texture is similar to Lily's Sugar & Cream, dry and light. The colors are somewhat dull compare to the rest of the yarns in the pictures.
Soft Cotton Acrylic: This yarn as well as Casmilon as I was told are produced locally for export but available in the market from time to time.  Colors and availability are unpredictable.

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